Spectra Precision® Laser LL500

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Rugged, Reliable LaserLeveling SystemsSetting the Industry StandardAccurate, stable and very reliable, the Spectra Precision® Laser LL500 is the ideal one-person leveling system for a range of everyday elevation measurements on the construction site.Designed for use on the jobsite, and reliable even in the harshest of conditions, today more contractors around the world use Spectra Precision Lasers to increase productivity and profitability.

One Laser Levels Your Entire Work Area

The LL500 transmitter sends a continuous, self-leveled 360-degree laser reference over a work area, up to a 500-meter (1,600-foot) diameter. With the LL500, you can perform any two-person leveling task with just one person. Simply set up the laser transmitter anywhere on your job site; it transmits a laser beam to provide an elevation reference that can be picked up by one or more laser receivers, including our innovative HL700 or CR600, whether they are handheld, attached to a grade rod or mounted on a machine.LL500


  • Temperaturecompensationallowsyoutomeetyour toughest accuracy requirements in any type of variable environmental conditions.

  • Reducestheamountoftimerequiredforeachgrade shot, so more grade shots are taken for increased accuracy.

  • Eliminatesreworkcausedbymiscommunicationor out-of-level instruments with built-in out-of-level warning and shut-off.

  • Immediately locates thelaser plane with the visible spotting beam.


  • Checking/setting elevations, concrete forms, footings, and foundations for medium-to-large-sized jobs

  • Excavating, digging footings, and septic tanks with CR600 receiver

  • Sub-base leveling with skid steer loaders and CR600 receiver

  • Longer range machine control applications Features & Benefits:

  • High accuracy with temperature compensation provides highly stable, repeatable accuracy even under large temperature changes

  • Alkaline or rechargeable batteries keep the unit working and minimize downtime due to power loss

  • Self-leveling with built-in shut off for increased accuracy over the entire work area and reduced errors

  • Comes with choice of HL700 or CR600 receivers so you can choose the best option to suit your application