LT8-300 / LT8-300P Level Transit

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Ruggedness and dependability make these five-minute instruments the first choice for practically every horizontal and vertical sighting application in construction. The solid three-piece standard is engineered to protect against dirt, damage, and costly repairs. The horizontal axis features a trunion design that assures maximum rigidity. Four large leveling screws feature rolled threads for smooth operation. Within the protection of the rugged base, the wide-stance ball bearing center, with permanently lubricated races, assures you of smooth movement and superior alignment control. The top-mounted vial is out in the open and easy to see. The tangents are conveniently grouped, and the focus knob is easy to reach, no matter what angle you're shooting. The LT8-300P has an optical plummet. The level-transit is optically lined up over a reference point by looking through the eyepiece and aligning the cross hairs over the point. The optical plummet assures you of precise positioning - every time!