Laser Line Direct Reading Rod - GR1450

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Aluminum front and rear rods. Made of high strength clear anodized aluminum for lightweight rugged, dependable operation. They will not rust, split, splinter swell or warp in any environment. Tape has heavy duty matte textured mylar face. Easy on the eyes in bright sunlight. Protects the tape numbers from wear and fading. Tape lock grommets are oversized, heavy duty brass. Greatly minimizes the problem of tape tearing. Detector rail is black, high density, U.V.stabilized for long life. Specifically designed to not become brittle when exposed to ultraviolet rays or direct sunlight. Solid tape lock with internal brake slide. Stronger, trouble-free operation. Tape lock pin cannot puncture tape. Designed not to tear puncture or rip tape when pushed against tape face instead of the grommet hole. DuPont nylon parts. Tough and rugged for long-lasting life. Same material used for ski bind USL/SVR Series leveling rods have a rectangular-oval shape with wide, sharp, glare-resistant scales that are uniform in size throughout the length of the rod Constructed of strong fiberglass with special reinforcing ribs to resist breakage and add stability Water-proof, corrosion-resistant, and nonconductive A special measuring scale on the back side of the rod allows the user to read overall heights at eye-level, which is useful in many clearance and height measurements Bold alternate red and white range markings on back side are suitable for stadia purposes The locking mechanism is tight and accurate, yet designed to resist jamming from sand and dirt Accessory laser level detector brackets permit many popular brands of laser levels to be used with the USL/SVR Series rods 5/8 X 11 thread mounting adapter available for purchase separately Easy to transport-all models collapse to less than five feet Each individual section can be removed quickly by pressing lock-butt